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Text Snippets

  • welcome to tynker!
  • thank you all for 2,000 views!
  • now ill will make two projects everyday to enjoy!
  • this time, i will be doing something different!
  • we are going to do a parkour map!
  • well, i really like minecraft parkour!
  • ok so this is the minecraft parkour area, and we will be doing parkour.
  • the first parkour set looks easy, but it will slowly get harder.
  • were only going to do like around five parkour sets?
  • i had just finished the first one onto the second!
  • the second one is just as easy but, it got a little harder.
  • im on the 3 parkour area and it got harder
  • the fourth one is harder than the third!
  • the fifth one is really hard, just so hard that its the 3 time i repeted it
  • finally, i finished the last one and this is it please leave a like on the project!