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Commands, Mobs, Transport



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Text Snippets

  • welcome to tynker!
  • hi im back and i want to thank you all for 1,000 views!
  • its the biggest number of views i have ever got!
  • if we can get two 2,000 view’s ill make two projects each day!
  • so you guys can enjoy!
  • so today, we are going to search for a village and maybe 2!
  • lets go,all i see is a forest of trees, not anything else really.
  • let’s keep searching!
  • wait a minute, i see a village!
  • im looking forward to trading for some emerald’s!
  • ok but first, im going to look in the chest’s.
  • so im back and so far, i’ve only found a stack of bread, one emerald, and some sapplings!
  • ok, i think i tried to trade this one villager and he said he wants 15 bread loafs so i will trade him!
  • ok so this is what he gave me, 2 emeralds, thats it.
  • which is accually pretty good,its the rarest ore right now tho.
  • so im going to end this project here,hopefully we can get more likes and 2,000 views!
  • bye! hoped you like it!