Mod 2, a project made by Abundant Aim using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Commands, Mobs, Transport



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Text Snippets

  • welcome to tynker!
  • im back! sorry it took so long to come back!
  • today, were going to go on a adventure!
  • oh my god, i see the biggest cave ever in minecraft!
  • i see lots of iron, thats unusual.i never see that much!
  • ok you guys, lets get prepeard to get the iron and maybe diamonds!
  • ok i got three iron pickaxes from mining before this project was created, please dont ask me why i have that much.
  • ok im getting stacks of iron, im talking stacks not lying!
  • ok im at 12,so this is the level of dimaonds as you know im strip mining and i think im pretty close to diamonds!
  • oh my god, me found diamonds!
  • im so gonna mine this, like what kind of person would not!
  • ok,i found the biggest bunch of diamonds ever, i found 2 stacks of diamonds!oh mygod!
  • ok so im back with literally 3 diamond swords, and 3 sets of armor!
  • ok so im really happy and im going to stop this project here and like this project! also you can remix it!
  • to all those people who liked my project, thank you guys for 695 views!