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Minecraft Herobrine battle 1

by Husky Citadel

originally from "Minecraft Herobrine battle" by Ironclad Science



Minecraft Herobrine battle 1, a project made by Husky Citadel using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




delays, simple variables, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, variables, conditional loops, simple loops, advanced math, functions

  • #Lines:753
  • #Actors:28
  • #Costumes:47
  • #Scripts:106

Text Snippets

  • Minecraft Herobrine battle 1
  • minecraft background
  • herobrines levels
  • drag your steve and dodge the fireballs!
  • joining 666 seed
  • generating world
  • locating herobrine
  • well get ready to die!!!!
  • cmon servants!!!!
  • hey! your still alive! how—
  • of my obstacles, but now you have to deal with me bro!!
  • dude! ya still here? well have an really laser life!!!!
  • my mini laser will get you!
  • you defeated me this time, but guess what...
  • ha ha! u think all of that can stop me? cmon me!
  • oh! i am so scared!
  • wither skeletons
  • wither sketoton bottom
  • wither skeloton bottom
  • wither skeloton head
  • wither sketoton bottom 11
  • wither sketoton bottom 1
  • wither skeloton head 1
  • wither skeloton head 11
  • fireblade studios
  • thanks for playing
  • see herobrine boss battle 2

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