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midnight, a project made by |midnight| using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Cool / Wow, Storytelling, Arcade, Animals, Game



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  • thanks giving 2020
  • thanks giving 2020 2
  • Thanks giving 2020
  • christmas 2020 2
  • Thanks giving 2020 2
  • the amulet thing you saw at the beginning was the eye of midnight.
  • it is currently themed though for an event. so this is a themed eye of midnight.
  • my favorite show is my hero academia
  • i really like using tynker!
  • and i like playing forge ahead where you make swords and sell them.
  • my hobbies are doodling, nintendo, and backpacking/ camping
  • i also love to spend time with my four brothers!
  • entry one: i had no friends on my first day so i talked to rocks.
  • entry 2: we had art today and i talked to more rocks
  • entry 3: i planned ahead and brought glue. i found trash around the blacktop and glued them to a rock to make a face. then i talked to it
  • entry 4: my rock has since been obliterated. so i talked to my self.
  • entry 5: i played wallball. i got hit in the face with my own ball. -_-
  • first story: weve done it! weve reached 100 likes and over!
  • top story2 : well now some news, trump said “i wont announce early victory” le next morning... “as far as im concerned ive won.”.... oof.
  • also im on quora now!
  • third story: requested...! im hoping this isnt like offensive or anything but i would really like fanart... ty.... sorry.
  • go to themes2020 for themes and stuff!
  • how can i wake up peacefully but efficiently?
  • search b923 ! this is a new contest! b923 is a drawing contest! i will announce the winner in a special project! i will also like all there current projects!
  • nothin to see here!
  • halloween theme is over. (version 1.8) last update: october november,6 2020. released september 30, 2020.
  • next hotfix will be an update.
  • next estimated hotfix: november 7
  • to report a bug remix this project delete all actors and code then write your complaint and publish
  • all right we got 100 down! now you! ya you! are gonna flip out
  • current goal 500 likes. ya thats right i want the whole burrito ,people.
  • 227/500(may not be accurate.)
  • like the project please! we can do this people!
  • can u weekly? has been cancled due to no entries.
  • can you tell me a good joke? put it in the answers plz! search answers to midnight
  • this is # q1 make sure to include #q1 on your answer!
  • guess weekly has been cancled due to no entries
  • guess! if your guess is correct you win participation to the ultram contests
  • guess a number 1-100!
  • i will reveal the number next time!
  • you must have guessed the exact number!
  • this is an honesty system im trusting you.
  • if the system is abused i will make passwords.
  • drawlloween has ended with 0 submissions total
  • shoutout to: | daylight | and katelynn
  • fanart will get you a shout out! i will like all your projects if you include | daylight | in the fanart.
  • thanks katelynn for the fanart! i really love it! 😁😁😁
  • if you see this project ,like! we can make it to 500 likes! pitch in! 1 like is an amazing difference!
  • also im publishing the milestone
  • currently my brother has a bloody nose and not a little one. theres blood streaming and flooding out of his nose. he laid down with a wet tissue in his nose and then his ears felt plugged up... heres what he says. “hi i have a serious nosebleed. i’m hoping i get well so i can eat pizza (our dinner).i don’t want to do the interview right now.” exact quote (using microphone) i love him and theres so much blood its scaring me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i hope he gets better... like this project to support him ( his idea ) by the way not my twin its my little brother age 8.