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Meme game show

by Miniature Tulip



Meme game show, a project made by Miniature Tulip using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




input/output, delays, simple messaging, advanced costume handling, simple events, visibility

  • #Lines:44
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:3
  • #Scripts:4

Text Snippets

  • easy. 1 open the fridge 2 put the deer inside the fridge 3 close the fridge
  • 1 open the fridge. 2 take the deer out of the fridge. 3 put the elephant in the fridge. 4 close the fridge.
  • the elephant becuase he's still in the fridge.
  • all of the crocodiles are at the lion kings birthday party.
  • ummmmmm i......... don't know?
  • welcome to game show!!
  • ok, first question.
  • there are 500 bricks on a plane. you throw one out the window. how many are left?
  • what are three steps to putting a deer in the fridge?
  • what are 4 steps to putting an elephant in the fridge?
  • all of the animals are at the lion kings birthday party. one animal is missing. who is it?
  • a woman crosses a dangerous river that would usually be filled with crocodiles. but she gets across alive. how is that?
  • but the woman still dies. how is that?
  • she got hit by a brick!!!

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