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Meeting Lilydawg Demo

by LildawgGaming



Meeting Lilydawg Demo, a project made by LildawgGaming using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple messaging, input/output, advanced costume handling, basic math, variables, simple conditionals, visibility, miscellaneous, simple sound playing, delays, simple variables, advanced motion, music and instruments, simple loops, simple motion, simple events

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Text Snippets

  • Meeting Lilydawg Demo
  • it is said that noone has ever traversed this swamp.
  • in fact, it has never even been attempted.
  • it is not like there is a witch or anything....
  • wait, is that a hut?
  • code: first meeting
  • what? who are you?
  • you mean... you have never heard of a human before?
  • don't you ever get lonely?
  • well, i guess you do now.
  • hey, i never asked your name...
  • my name is protag.
  • password: knowing names
  • do you even do anything up here?
  • password: first interaction
  • why don't you show me some fire magic then?
  • i watched her as she summoned a fireball out of what seems like thin air.
  • she then completely obliterated a target nearby.
  • password: obliteration
  • her eyes sparkled with the joy of blowing something up.
  • maybe you could show me the inside of your hut?
  • this game uses a test of sorts for a simple password save system.
  • take your time, as a password may appear and you will have to write it down to get back to that point.
  • which also means this game will end up being very long.
  • credit to: mr. crolock, for doing the art. lildawg, for doing the coding.
  • made by aaronski.
  • meeting lilydawg
  • password (use all lowercase.):
  • first interaction
  • interesting encounter
  • ah ok... fair enough...
  • anyways, i got to get going.
  • sure. until then. see ya!
  • that was a strange, but cool encounter...
  • i wonder what other cool things i will find in this magical swamp.
  • password: interesting encounter
  • i hear her as she trips over several objects.
  • we enter her house.
  • it was a mess... but i can see a small stone stove, a purple bed in the corner, and several counters and tables.
  • nice little place you got here.
  • seems like it took you a while.
  • no one else has ever been here because no one else has ever been brave enough to explore this swamp.
  • i came here to explore and map out this swamp so i could make a name for myself.
  • that wasn't an answer... what are you?
  • i don't know what they are, and i thought i was the only one here...
  • i have had everything i needed here for centuries...
  • you are the first "human" to ever come here...
  • sometimes, but i didn't know there were other people...
  • my name is lilydawg.
  • hey! who's there?
  • what kind of animal are you?
  • that is a nice name...
  • i practice fire magic.
  • i can do some pretty cool things with it.
  • lame? meanie mcmeanie pants...
  • eh. not today... my house is an utter mess...
  • well come back tomorrow at least! i can show you what i can cook.
  • sorry about that. this place is a mess.
  • my hut looks better though. want to go inside?
  • thanks. it took me a while to set this place up.
  • it was pain though, let me tell you.
  • trying to set up all of the pillars....
  • the walls weren't any better..
  • and don't get me started on the roof!!!
  • you have no idea...
  • by the way, how come you are the first ever human to come here?
  • wouldn't there of been more humans that would come here?
  • also, another thing... the demo ends here. i hope you enjoyed what you have seen so far.
  • sorry, but this game is gonna take time to create.

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