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Meet xSilverxAlaskax, a project made by xSilverxAlaskax using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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delays, simple loops

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  • it's so nice to meet you all! i'm xsilverxalaskax, here to introduce myself.
  • i'm a little bit of a newbie here on tynker, and so i'm kinda new to this whole 'projects' and 'likes' thing (since i haven't been on youtube either).
  • but hopefully i'll get used to it soon, haha. i'm really excited to start tynker, because this is sort of what i've been looking for: a safe place to be, and a fun way to communicate with others!
  • so, anyway, i'm sort of here to share my art :d i mean, i'm not amazing at art (as you might've been able to tell from the drawing of my self...) but hopefully with some practice i'll get better.
  • anyway, i've done some looking around, and i'd like to make a few shoutouts to a couple of tynkerers that i've found and followed:
  • first: ttf, or (ttf). i love your artwork, your style, your character, everything! honestly, you inspire me so much, and i'll definitely try to join the ttf fan club (if that's still available), make a bit of fan art, and hopefully do a collab with you if you have the time (and would like to).
  • second: katie cake, or i love cake!. i really like all of your projects! you make so many fun things to do, and are really creative! i'll be making some art of you too for sure!
  • third, kenzie. i love all you're cool projects! they're all really fun, and i enjoy playing them (i've still got plenty to check out from the last time i clicked you're name, haha). i'm going to have a lot of fun with your games!
  • and fourth, galaxy_star, or galaxy_star(moved). you're art is so cute! i love seeing your projects, and again, you inspire me a lot! i would love to make some fan art and hopefully collab with you as well, if you're up for it.
  • anyway, i really hope you guys (ttf, katie cake, kenzie, and galaxy_star) see this project! and to everyone else, i hope you enjoyed meeting me and i'll try to make some more projects soon!


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