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Meet Jacknjellify's BFDI!

by Worthwhile Tiara



Meet Jacknjellify's BFDI!, a project made by Worthwhile Tiara using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Animation, Art, Game, Cool / Wow, Storytelling, Photo

  • #Lines:20
  • #Actors:8
  • #Costumes:8
  • #Scripts:12

Text Snippets

  • Meet Jacknjellify's BFDI!
  • my name is leafy and i'm a female leaf my friends are firey and pin (now arch-enemy)
  • and also hello human meet pen!
  • hey bro, my name is pen and i'm a male pen,my friends are snowball,blocky and eraser.
  • i'm pin and i'm a female,my friends are coiny and leafy (now arch enemy).
  • i'm tennis ball and i'm a male and my friends are golf ball,firey and pin. (i actually don't remember he he).
  • aw seriously?!!!!
  • aw seriously?!!!!!!!
  • hey we're firey and coiny and we're both male,our friends are eachother and some others.

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