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Meet #DiringDash!-Plz ❤️

by Stellar Muscle



Meet #DiringDash!-Plz ❤️, a project made by Stellar Muscle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.



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  • Meet #DiringDash!-Plz ❤️
  • #diringdash do not copy or will be reported
  • hi i'm diring dash!
  • the photo below is just a little drawing i made in one of my apps xd
  • i am the creator of choices,blog:will update this,and much more..
  • you probably already knew that tho..
  • no,i didn't actually..
  • what is your name?
  • nice to meet you
  • have you favorite any of my games??
  • if you have more to ask me please make a video of it and try making it popular to find it easily!
  • do you?? i mean, do you have any suggestions??
  • if you chose yes, than type in what you think. if you chose no than just type in idk xd
  • let me talk more.. xd
  • ok so i am a really akward,crazy and fun person :)
  • i love video games and pizza ;) i always had a dream where i could make apps or games for free and when i saw this i almost fainted xd
  • i am currently sick so i might be using this app alot
  • another hobby i have that isn't this is, drawing
  • ok so... i am going to tell the truth... i just can't make a game
  • but it is probably just cause i am sorta like a bigenner
  • also please don't judge my spelling... its summer xd
  • this i had mentioned it before but i will say it again!
  • i am a xd addicted! like i always say xd i don't know why...
  • i also love the pokemon series! like i literally saw all of them in what? two weeks???
  • anyways thanks for listening to me!
  • note:i might upgrade this and change the chat so favorite if you want to hear more!
  • ps:this does not include personal info it is just about my hobbies, really... (wich are common ones...) xd
  • fiy: do not claim the drawing as your own if you do i will report!?!?

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Meet #DiringDash!-Plz ❤️