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mechanical engineering quiz

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  • mechanical engineering quiz
  • hello welcome to the mechanical engineering quiz!!
  • you will be given facts about mechanical engineering and you will get quizzed on the information you know you have to click on the rainbow buttons and they will tell ask you a question.
  • you have two minutes to read this so start reading, if you want to become a mechanical engineer you have to go to school for at least 4 years to get a bachelors degree. a mechanical engineer researches, designs, develops, and tests mechanical or thermal devices and sometimes they visit work sites and help build them. the amount of employment is guessed to grow 4% from 2019-2029, so many more people will be able to get a job as a mechanical engineer but it still might not be enough jobs available.
  • mechanical engineering works in many different industries so the rate will change by the industries that employ them.
  • there are some bad things called cons and some good things called pros about mechanical engineering , the first pro is you have a bunch of options of what you can make , create , and test. second, you get payed 30,000 - 90,000 every few months. third, you get to visit many exciting worksites and places. fourth, most likley in the future mechanical eng. will be one of the most needed jobs for transpertation, building, and robotics.
  • now the cons, first many other buisnesses are competetive and try to make the other buisnesses go out . second, you must know how to do math if you dont then mechanical engineering is not the job for you. third, you are put under a lot of pressure. fourth, you dont get much of a break at home beacause you have paper work you have to study.
  • i love mechanical engineering❤️!!
  • no sorry -5 coins try again remember what you have
  • correct +10 coins.
  • add your coins up and tell me.
  • great! give your self a pat on the back your doing good
  • no sorry -5 coins try again
  • what do you have to know to be a mechanical engineer?
  • Button Small1111
  • Button Small11111
  • Button Small111111
  • you got it wrong try again -5 coins
  • yipee you got it right!! +10 coins
  • add up your coins and tell me !!
  • try again : ( -5 coins
  • about how much money do you get paid?
  • not exactly right but close so try again! -5 coins
  • button teal small
  • at least how long do you have to go to school for?
  • Button Teal Small
  • Button Teal Small1
  • Button Teal Small11
  • Button Teal Small111
  • Button Teal Small1111
  • Button Teal Small11111
  • Button Teal Small111111
  • not right !!! try again -5 coins
  • great +10 coins add up your coins and tell me
  • are you lying thats amazing
  • correct +10 coins you should win an award!
  • how many coins do you have
  • what is one that will most likely one of the most needed things that requier mechanical engineering.
  • try again -5 coins
  • not exactaly -5 coins
  • what are other companies?
  • not exactly try again -5 coins
  • lets try again -5 coins
  • alright keep up the good work!! +10 coins
  • add up your coins
  • wait what thats great!!
  • why do you not get much of a break at home?
  • you got it right +10 coins
  • how many coins do you have
  • not quite try again- 5 coins

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