Math Quiz (easy)

by I_is_DUH_Bitmin

originally from "Math Quiz" by Zac-Face Potato



Your typical Order of Operations math quiz! Enjoy


input/output, conditional loops, basic math, simple sound playing, simple loops, simple events, advanced costume handling, text handling

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Text Snippets

  • what is your name
  • welcome to the math test.
  • today we will focus on order of operations.
  • you'll be a pro at this.
  • answer in numbers only.
  • if you get it wrong; nothing will happen.
  • no cheating and using a calculator.
  • what is the answer? 3x5-8=?
  • solve for y. -5(7y)= -280
  • i told you you'd be a pro. :d
  • what is the answer? {-7+[6-(-1)]}12+5=?
  • you are incredible!
  • what is the answer? (321-123)1972-390456=?
  • the last one was amazingly difficult.
  • i hope you didn't use a calculator.
  • have a great day!


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