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Masters of the Script

by Striker825



Masters of the Script, a project made by Striker825 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Storytelling


visibility, simple messaging, delays, input/output, simple events, advanced animation, advanced costume handling, basic math, direction and turning, simple variables, simple sound playing, variables, advanced events, simple motion, advanced motion, detect conditions, simple conditionals, text handling, conditional loops, simple loops, miscellaneous, advanced math, pen color, resize actor, layers

  • #Lines:416
  • #Actors:21
  • #Costumes:44
  • #Scripts:89

Text Snippets

  • Masters of the Script
  • glitchy and glitch king want to glitch tynker!
  • they need ultra bugs which have many flaws
  • so we can defeat them with code!
  • make it so that it repeats attacking glitch and debuging. use each one once
  • loop attack debug!
  • if i get 20 likes i will make a masters of the script 2!
  • by the way this is not the stage talking, this is the creator!
  • glitch king showdown
  • what block should we use?(we already have an on start block.)
  • that didn't work try again!
  • you did it! tynker is safe!
  • oh did i forget to introduce myself?
  • that blond guy talking earlier - he and i are the same person
  • so anyways i am the stage
  • codey, creator of the script, made alien creature five but the glitch bots made a glitch in his programing, so he is now glitch king
  • number of glitch
  • alien creature 51
  • codey, my creator, your code will glitch
  • thank you for saving me, masters of the script!
  • alien creature 5
  • i am not afraid you know
  • i am now glitchy
  • stage where are you?
  • yes, but you know he is too powerful because you, lady of the loop, even with all your repeating power can not help guardian of the glitch defeat him
  • glitches are not crashes
  • alright lets defeat glitchy!
  • but you destroy glitches easier than even codey!
  • but you, the crash defender, can not break him
  • glitch king's glitches are so powerful not even i can defeat him
  • they sort of are
  • the masters of the script were once united
  • then the glitches came
  • we are the masters of the script
  • we make projects from clash of clans to bob work!
  • so stop fighting