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Make a Cupcake

by N.D



Make a Cupcake, a project made by N.D using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Food & Drink, How To, Simulator, Word, Battle, App, Music, Photo, Animation, Customizer


simple conditionals, miscellaneous, delays, basic math, simple sound playing, simple loops

  • #Lines:350
  • #Actors:25
  • #Costumes:57
  • #Scripts:80

Text Snippets

  • wow that frosting looks amazing lets set that aside i think the cupcakes are ready!
  • hello again ready to make some cupcakes?
  • than why are you playing this game?
  • first drag the ingredients into the bowl when you are done press done!
  • tap the tin to pour the batter
  • tap the oven to bake
  • now that the cupcakes are baking lets make the frosting
  • click the red button when you are done
  • wow that cupcake looks amazing
  • lets decorate it!
  • use the bottons on the top of your screen to decorate your cupcake! when you are done press done!
  • would you like to take a screen shot?
  • i hope you enjoyed this game check out my other games!
  • drawing111111111
  • drawing1111111111

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