project screenshot

loop de loop

by Mr. Jolly boi

remixed from "loop de loop" by WACKY WIZARD KNIGHT

originally from "Sandbox type 1" by Calculating Piano



loop de loop, a project made by Mr. Jolly boi using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




topdown controls, topdown automations, topdown basics, platformer controls, simple variables, platformer basics

  • #Lines:97
  • #Actors:18
  • #Costumes:20
  • #Scripts:27

Text Snippets

  • ExplosionSpritesheet_01
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_02
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_03
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_04
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_06
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_08
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_10
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_12
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_14
  • ExplosionSpritesheet_16
  • com.tynker.racinggame::activeat
  • tynker.bullet.human
  • body falling thud
  • tynker.bullet.troll
  • tynker.bullet.dragon
  • tynker.topdown.moveset
  • stop this script
  • in attack range?
  • when i receive destoryall
  • stop fireball script
  • when i receive hit
  • when i receive shootheal
  • when i receive heal
  • when i receive rise effect
  • when i receive rain of healing
  • stop heal script
  • when i receive rise effect heart
  • when i receive lightningattack1
  • when i receive stun
  • when i receive lightningattack2
  • calculates if enemy is in ellipse shaped strike zone
  • when i receive cast
  • when i receive electric shot
  • lightning of the arrow
  • when i receive shoot