by Gargantuan Increase

originally from "I'VE HAD IT" by NedEpic



Lol, a project made by Gargantuan Increase using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation

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Text Snippets

  • i've cried my last tear!
  • i was going to upload an un original game...
  • ...but then, i see more of my projects being made better!
  • not even a signature will work, because you guys remove it because it sucks!
  • you'll all remove my signature. even though i shouldn't care!
  • and that's not a big deal!
  • people who see the copies with the changed signature will say, "hey, this persson made this game even better!"
  • but in reality, they did!
  • and guess what? for me being such a big cry baby im seeing more and more remixes just to make fun of me!
  • you can do that because i shouldn't care but i do!
  • plus, i know that if you made an awesome project all by yourself and someone copied it...
  • you'd be suprised it's so good and you can get ideas from it!
  • so i'm quitting because im a baby!
  • until you learn how to stop making better games...
  • i'm only showing my projects to my fakw friends!
  • but ha ha, nobody's gonna stop making better games are they?
  • so ima admit that im not a good dev anymore that beatle game beats all my projects!
  • goodbye. adios. see ya. farewell.
  • am a wannabe lol


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