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life sim

by Filthy Sting



life sim, a project made by Filthy Sting using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Arcade, Battle, Art, Animation, Simulator


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, basic math, simple motion, layers, simple loops, input/output, delays, variables, advanced motion, miscellaneous, detect conditions, direction and turning, simple conditionals, simple variables, text handling, resize actor

  • #Lines:420
  • #Actors:31
  • #Costumes:31
  • #Scripts:133

Text Snippets

  • fortified kingdom
  • construction city
  • constrution city
  • camo blue to inventory
  • blue camo activated
  • activated blue camo
  • pistol activated
  • shotgun activated
  • auto gun activatted
  • tap me to shoot once you get a gun
  • to get a gun click on a gun
  • it will go into your inventory
  • then click it from your inventory and press me to shoot it!!!!
  • have a lot of fun and please like!!!!
  • blue camoes bullet
  • pistol to inventory
  • activated pistol
  • shotgun to inventory
  • activated shotgun
  • auto gun to inventory
  • activated auto gun
  • troops and wepons + 3

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