Lets talk

by Muddy Unicorn



Lets talk, a project made by Muddy Unicorn using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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input/output, simple events, simple conditionals, basic math, simple messaging, direction and turning, detect conditions, simple motion, delays, layers, advanced motion, simple loops, advanced costume handling, conditional loops, miscellaneous, conditional wait, simple costume handling

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Text Snippets

  • this game is touch location.
  • please ❤️ like this video!!!
  • hey, kaiden here.
  • today we will be talking about some topics, but first...
  • do you go to brookridge elementry?
  • thats cool. so do i!
  • welp. wish you could.
  • what grade were you in the year before you left or did you finish?
  • thats pretty cool.
  • oh my gosh! me, too!
  • thats pretty dope.
  • so you finished school, right?
  • no, i moved in the middle of the year
  • then why didn't you chose finished?
  • because i didn't want to
  • ok, now lets gets to the topics i was going to tell you about
  • topic 1 plagerism
  • today we are going to talk about plagerizm.
  • plagerizm is not a good thing to do!
  • it is against the law and you can get arrested for it.
  • plagerism is basicllay like reading an article and saying you wrote it. that is plagerism.
  • topic 2 standing up to a bully
  • you should always stand up to bullys when they are mean to you.
  • but of course don' t punch them or be mean back to them.
  • or maybe go tell a teacher.
  • and always remember the biggest rule to bullying...
  • do not bully!!!!!!!


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • Kaiden - walk 1
    Kaiden - walk 1
  • Kaiden - walk 2
    Kaiden - walk 2
  • Kaiden - walk 3
    Kaiden - walk 3
  • Kaiden - walk 4
    Kaiden - walk 4
  • left - right copy
    left - right copy
  • left - right copy copy
    left - right copy copy
  • right - drawing
    right - drawing
  • right - drawing copy
    right - drawing copy
  • tree - drawing
    tree - drawing
  • drawing11 - drawing
    drawing11 - drawing
  • sun - drawing
    sun - drawing
  • house - drawing
    house - drawing