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land the fighter jet Simulator

by Aromatic Explode

originally from "Flight Simulator" by Therapeutic Circuit



land the fighter jet Simulator, a project made by Aromatic Explode using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Simulator, Animation, Cool / Wow


basic math, simple variables, simple messaging, visibility, resize actor, functions, variables, simple loops, simple motion, simple events, delays, advanced motion, text handling, graphic effects, layers, simple conditionals, direction and turning, conditional loops, input/output, advanced costume handling, music and instruments, simple sound playing, cloning, detect conditions, advanced events, actor properties, miscellaneous, advanced math, simple costume handling

  • #Lines:971
  • #Actors:31
  • #Costumes:45
  • #Scripts:142

Text Snippets

  • you flew above your max altitude
  • you didnt land flat enough
  • you flew too low
  • you hit an obstacle
  • try to land on the runway as flat as you can
  • 43 high floor tom
  • the twin otter-so is a highly versatile craft with extreme range. can land at odd angles
  • the boeing 737 is a large commercial passenger plane
  • max altitude: 1200
  • max passengers: 137
  • max altitude: 2500
  • max passengers: 30
  • max altitude: 1500
  • you were struck by lightning
  • you went past the runway!