Knight game (beta)

by Elementary Holiday

originally from "Would You Rather?" by Rotten Refrigerator



Knight game (beta), a project made by Elementary Holiday using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


delays, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, basic math, simple sound playing

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Text Snippets

  • lets go find a way out!
  • hello! spirit ninja hasn’t been on tynker for a long time, so she’s made this new project!
  • would you rather?!!!
  • i’ll ask 10 would you rather’s for you to answer.
  • do you want to help me get out of this forest?
  • thanks lets try to find a way out now.
  • second, would you rather throw a cat or a dog in lava?
  • poor cat... well, ur opinion is ur opinion!
  • poor dog... however, thats what i would’ve picked!
  • third, would you rather live during the civil war or the revoulotinary?
  • good. if your a citizen, you’ll have a better % of survivng than the other choice
  • not a wise choice...
  • fourth, would you rather have a pet tiger or a pet leapord?
  • safer than choosing the tiger...
  • you’ll probbably be dead in a matter of seconds.
  • fifth, would you rather control water or wind?
  • neat choice! both are powerful elements.
  • sixth, would you rather play roblox or fortnite?
  • roblox is awesome!
  • i dont have fortnite, so there is nothing i can say.
  • seventh, would you rather have a brother or a sister?
  • my brother is my least favorite person in the world.
  • i would love to have a sister.
  • eighth, would you rather have short hair or long hair?
  • eh, not what i’d pick, but you like what you like!
  • long hair is awesome.
  • ninth, would you rather have no arms or no legs?
  • not what i would pick, but i dont decide what you like.
  • last one. would you rather have it be spring or fall?
  • spring is when nature is blossoming, and that makes it wonderful.
  • fall is beautiful, isn’t it?
  • alright, it’s the end of the questions!
  • thanks for checking this out, and dont forget to hit that like button!
  • well,anyways their are bad guys here so you better watch out!
  • their just hiding so you gotta be very quiet


  • background scene - Fantasy Forest
    background scene - Fantasy Forest
  • background scene - Forest Overhead
    background scene - Forest Overhead
  • Hedge 2 - Hedge 2
    Hedge 2 - Hedge 2
  • Evergreen 1 - Evergreen 1
    Evergreen 1 - Evergreen 1

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