Kirby Star Allies

by Ultra Planet



Kirby Star Allies, a project made by Ultra Planet using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Photo, Storytelling, Game, Art, Animation, Cool / Wow


miscellaneous, basic math, simple conditionals, delays

  • #Lines:366
  • #Actors:5
  • #Costumes:5
  • #Scripts:30

Text Snippets

  • have you defeated king dedede?
  • amazing! you’ve passed dream land! now you’re at planet popstar!
  • now king dedede can be your friend at dream land!
  • well, not passed dream land.
  • have you defeated meta knight?
  • you must have be at nature’s navel.
  • o.k. prepare to fight the three mage sisters at jambastion!
  • now meta knight can be your friend at dream land!
  • have you defeated flamberge?
  • don’t worry, try better next time!
  • onward, to the final general for magic!
  • have you defeated zan partizanne at heavenly hall?
  • wow! you’re a natural at kirby star allies!
  • no, it’s easy to defeat zan partizanne! trust me!
  • the sign read: boom! i love that sound! it’s the guy with an eternal grin! he’s off on an explosive adventure, but all he really wants to do is bring a little fun and fireworks into people’s lives.
  • here’s the picture of knuckle joe
  • favourite character
  • my favourite characters are poppy bros. jr., knuckle joe, king dedede, chef kawasaki, meta knight, parasol waddle dee, bio spark, nesp, susie and bugzzy. including broom hatter. and three mage sisters.
  • what is your favourite character?
  • not my favourite character becuase it only throws bombs.
  • ooh! you got the cooking ability!
  • oh! that’s the character i’m stuck at reef resort!
  • same as my brother’s clan.
  • not my favourite character because a bit weak.
  • awesome! when it’s sizzle/fire susie, it could shoot things from far away!
  • if you didn’t listen in the start,
  • i meant susie from kirby, not deltarune!!!
  • great! his attack can fly!
  • oh my goodness. it’s good, right?
  • i will not like this to anybody!
  • bruh, i don’t know if i would like it or no
  • i don’t like him. (maybe)
  • that’s the character i putted the picture in! (new)
  • not yet unlocked. this will become a certain character becomes your ally!
  • nah just kidding i got it.
  • not my favourite character.
  • what ability do you like?
  • same as me and my brother! i like ninja ability!
  • amazing! you got the cooking ability!
  • wow! you can shade things!
  • that’s the ability when you get to fight meta knight!
  • really? amazing!
  • not my liked ability.
  • here’s the picture of poppy bros. jr
  • the sign read: i was the king of insects! this aging insect king passed on his title to someone younger. now he’s off to fight dark forces with techniques that would put a wrestler to shame. what a mandible!
  • o.k. here’s the picture of parasol waddle dee
  • parasol waddle dee
  • (i tried to make an undertale project, but failed.)
  • and yet, thanks! i’m a mooties fan!
  • and failed to get kirby star allies back :( (and super kirby clash back)
  • for example: like deltarune chapter 1, undertale, underswap, underfell, sixbones, helptale, outertale, fellswap, swapfell, ultratale, aftertale, altertale, storyshift, storyswap, spongetale, spongeswap, undertoad, swaptoad, errortale, inktale, horrortale, epictale, x tale, glitchtale, clickertale, storyspin, reapertale, yeah, that’s all the aus (i don’t know what au stand for) and an extra au (au stands for alternate universe): dusttale, dustswap, dustshift, dustfell and yeah! that’s all! and underfresh (i forgot).
  • omg this is so op! we have 94 likes on kirby star allies, 112 likes in total, a mooties fan, publishing kirby star allies part 1 to 8, and going to remix vacation kirby blitz to undertale boss blitz! guys that. is. so. op!!!
  • oof. i got featured.
  • guys, today, i’m not going to make a project about prodigy because i’m trash at making projects.
  • ver. 2.0.0: since we got 100 likes in 2020, i can talk about me!
  • my favourite games are: prodigy, roblox, undertale, minecraft, overwatch, arsenal (but in roblox), super smash. bros and ksa (kirby star allies).
  • wow! this is my 15 like special! i have added a background.
  • if we have 100 likes, i’ll create an undertale project!
  • rules: this game is about a chat of kirby star allies. but, we’ve got 10 likes, so i put a background. it’s called planet towara. do you know planet towara? it’s the hardest level i’ve ever tried. anyways, i was forgetful is because i forgot to put a picture of knuckle joe 😭😭😭😭😭😭. you can remix and change the code. you also can delete my pictures and insert your new one. never delete my background! do not copy or: i won’t let my friends play the nintendo switch! whatever you do, do not put anything annoying, rude or mean or i will report it 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and do not delete my 1st file from kirby star allies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do that, i won’t play kirby star allies, forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • news: there won’t be guest star, the ultimate choice and heroes at another dimension. there won’t be chop champs and star slam heroes.
  • good thing: today, i have inserted a picture of knuckle joe! check it out!
  • and, just so you know,
  • 1 like = 1 prayer
  • and… (most importantly)
  • more games coming soon
  • what is your name? (dosen’t matter about this question)
  • have you finished longview corridor?
  • now moving onto the next general of magic!
  • better luck next time.
  • have you defeated whispy woods?
  • great start! you must’ve be in green gardens which means you’ve started kirby star allies!
  • have you defeated yggy woods?
  • yes! i have started far flung-starlight heroes!
  • oh c’mon! you should’ve pass jambastion!
  • goldon and silvox
  • have you finished planet misteen?
  • of course! i’m sure!
  • no! it was too hard!
  • no, morpho knight and hyness was even harder!
  • have you defeated kracko?
  • seriously, i did!
  • no, twin kracko and big kracko are harder!
  • but that’s easy! you just have to dodge it’s attacks and attack the boss!
  • have you defeated hyness?
  • onward, to the final battle!
  • star allies sparkler!
  • so close to the final battle!
  • have you defeated void termina?
  • you win! you have completed kirby star allies story mode!
  • same as me! i have completed kirby star allies story mode!
  • so close to complete kirby star allies story mode!
  • here’s the picture of chef kawasaki
  • the sign read: extreme feast? eep! i’ll get cooking! this chef goes on the hunt for ingredients beyond the edge of the world! he senses great delicousness and must control his hunger until his culinary quest is done!
  • you can also check out hkc123’s chat if you want!
  • the sign read: you chose me? great! time to sing! the sun is shining! the parasol’s open! and it’s time for a stroll! the parasol is great protection, after all, and it lets him float sweet as a breeze.
  • i’m not telling you about chop champs and star slam heroes.
  • i’m not giving you reasons why i don’t like my hated characters.
  • you my leave now.
  • have you defeated grand mam?
  • awesome! better than before!
  • you need the ability sword and you need burning leo!
  • the sign read: gonna be the top fighter anywhere! he’s eager to prove himself in a legendary tournament and sets off at full speed to find it…wherever it is! he’s up for any battle, no matter how tough!
  • do you like him?
  • me too! i like knuckle joe!
  • but i liked knuckle joe!
  • why don’t you like knuckle joe?
  • i haven’t try him before!
  • you can find him at: nature’s navel, clash at castle dedede and other places you can find him! (including ability planet)
  • nope, he’s really strong! try him!
  • he can also use the fireball!
  • i don’t like: vividria, broom hatter, rocky, bonkers, sir kibble, blade knight, chilly, driblee, burning leo, wester, gim, marx, gooey, daroach, rick and kine and coo, adeleine and ribbon, dark meta knight, bandana waddle dee, magolor and taranza. including beetley and jammerjab. (for no reason)
  • who do you don’t like?
  • all of your favourite characters
  • oh c’mon! they have great abilities!
  • that means everyone’s good!
  • wait!!! don’t leave!!!
  • we still got 2 more news to go!
  • here’s the picture of bugzzy


  • background scene - Planet Towara
    background scene - Planet Towara
  • Poppy Bros. Jr. - image
    Poppy Bros. Jr. - image
  • Chef Kawasaki - image
    Chef Kawasaki - image
  • Bugzzy - image
    Bugzzy - image
  • Parasol - image
    Parasol - image
  • Knuckle Joe - image
    Knuckle Joe - image