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Kenzie News [RELEASED] 1

by Coding Shark



Kenzie News [RELEASED] 1, a project made by Coding Shark using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


delays, simple loops, simple sound playing

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  • Kenzie News [RELEASED] 1
  • take me out for the ball game music
  • this week's shoutouts are below ethan nguen! ron wasley harry potter and hermione granger!
  • hey tynkerers... i am finally back. you are probably all mad at me, but i'm sorry... i'm busy with school. i really want to collab with y'all again and start to get away from the past and make better games. i noticed my new games are trash and my old games are better :p so yeah, even if you don't cheer me on, i will never leave tynker. thank you everyone and i wanna shoutout everyone cause all of you are full of creativity and kindess.
  • sounds like silence by me, kenzie when i stroll around the halls it's so quiet not much at all so peaceful loud noises left i love this temporary concept when i take a pass to the hall the kids are in their classes and all i do is stall the stroll around the lockers the singing in the bathroom yes, it was all me breaking the silence but that is all i can be muted from the world very peaceful where i can just imagine the sirens hissing like a dragon where is it it's gone the sound is all gone the talking the walking the ticking of the clock it's broken and every sound has stopped the bell rings breaking the brilliant sweet silence the kids are walking and talking and the teacher yells and me where is the sound now? it's where it is supposed to be
  • nothing is coming soon now! :3
  • i have joined scratch! come find me, my username is kenzier!
  • i am inputting the names

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