kenzie drawing contest 1

by Deserted Tidepool



kenzie drawing contest 1, a project made by Deserted Tidepool using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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Text Snippets

  • kenzie drawing contest 1
  • castle landscape
  • hello this is my picture.
  • his name is toothless. from how to train your dragon 1,2&3
  • if you have not seen either i sugest you do as the are realy good and if you watch netflix search up ‘dragons race to the edge’ cuz the tv show is really good to.
  • (oh and btw i will not say any spoilers in case you havent)
  • well any way what do you think? i think it looked better in my head (as everything does) but still good.
  • soo bey! (stay tuned cuz ther is a extra one)
  • i also drew this: a hand drawn picture of my bunny.
  • his name is morgen and that is all


  • background scene - Castle Landscape
    background scene - Castle Landscape
  • my pic - drawing
    my pic - drawing
  • morgen - drawing
    morgen - drawing

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