Just Try to Survive 1

by Amusing Coral

originally from "Just Try to Survive" by Bubbly Ant



Just Try to Survive 1, a project made by Amusing Coral using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




delays, simple loops, simple conditionals, variables, conditional loops, basic math, simple variables, lists

  • #Lines:136

Text Snippets

  • welcome to tynker!
  • just try to survive, puny human!
  • and dont think you can cheat, either.
  • im not done with you yet...
  • wait, are you still alive?
  • i can’t believe you can possibly still be alive...
  • anyway, you wont be alive for much longer...
  • did i mention you are in hardcore mode?
  • i thought it was impossible to cheat!
  • if the lava and mobs didnt kill you, then this will!
  • come on already!
  • loading succesful.
  • this is impossible!
  • this cant be happening!
  • try to survive this!
  • i’ll destroy you myself!
  • oh wait.. i cant.
  • how do you like that!
  • by the way, how many enderdragons do you want?
  • 2? 4? 10? how about 20!
  • hahahahaha... haha.. ha...
  • powering.... down......
  • wait...... must..... des... troy... player...
  • ... y .o..u.. th... ink... you... can stop.. me?
  • ha... ha ha ha ha!
  • now about those enderdragons...
  • i cant believe you are surviving this...
  • want some more lava?
  • now im gonna kill you!!
  • how are you surviving this, hacker.
  • i’ll kill you myself!
  • everything will die


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