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Job Interview

by Codelikeaboss



Job Interview, a project made by Codelikeaboss using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Stick Figure, Role Playing


input/output, advanced costume handling, simple events, simple costume handling, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, basic math, advanced motion, simple messaging, simple motion

  • #Lines:87
  • #Actors:11
  • #Costumes:16
  • #Scripts:11

Text Snippets

  • okay, are you ready to begin??
  • okay, have you had a job before, or is this your first??
  • oh!! why do you like this company??
  • because of the...
  • interesting!! have you any ideas on how you would improve our company??
  • eh. worth a try, i guess. neeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxttttttt!!!!!
  • you are clearly not meant for this job.
  • so, lucky us!!! have you done anything interesting on your resumé??
  • nope. i am boring.
  • very nice. are you only applying for this job, or are there others??
  • no, i have others.
  • okay, we will consider hiring you, because you know that our company, stickpeoples, is a rival of bigperson.
  • cool. you are desperate. nope, not for us...
  • okay, final question!! capital letters and spaces, please!! who lives in a pine apple under the sea??
  • no, i better just hire a corn. they have ears, when you do not!!!!
  • oh, noted. would you like to leave??
  • sure, uhemn,,,,, *cough*go then! *cough*


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing
  • drawing1 - drawing
    drawing1 - drawing
  • drawing1 - drawing copy
    drawing1 - drawing copy
  • drawing2 - drawing
    drawing2 - drawing
  • drawing2 - drawing copy
    drawing2 - drawing copy
  • drawing3 - drawing
    drawing3 - drawing
  • drawing3 - drawing copy
    drawing3 - drawing copy
  • drawing4 - drawing
    drawing4 - drawing
  • drawing5 - drawing
    drawing5 - drawing
  • drawing6 - drawing
    drawing6 - drawing
  • drawing7 - drawing
    drawing7 - drawing
  • drawing8 - drawing
    drawing8 - drawing
  • drawing9 - drawing
    drawing9 - drawing
  • drawing10 - walking
    drawing10 - walking
  • drawing10 - walking copy
    drawing10 - walking copy
  • drawing10 - Interview face
    drawing10 - Interview face