Investigation - Demo

by LildawgGaming

remixed from "Talking Yuri 1" by Flowery Cinnamon

originally from "Talking Yuri" by Lively Cut



Investigation - Demo, a project made by LildawgGaming using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, advanced costume handling, basic math, simple conditionals, simple messaging, delays, simple sound playing, simple events, simple loops, miscellaneous, visibility

  • #Lines:108
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:9
  • #Scripts:1

Text Snippets

  • adventure begins
  • mwa ha ha! try and stop me!
  • you are stuck in a pitch black room. what do you do?
  • find a light switch
  • you beg for mercy.
  • oh.... boo hoo! i dont want to die! yeah! i hear that alot!
  • but people never treated me with respect.
  • i was the girl who was always picked on in school.
  • the only friend i had was my sister.
  • me and my sister were killed here.
  • i was angry and was stuck here while my sister moved on.
  • then i learned to shape shift as an angry spirit.
  • everyone who came up here tried to be friends with me.
  • i go with it. then i torture them.
  • if you want to be friends. then your wish will come true!
  • pitch black room
  • the ghost attacks you. everything goes dark.
  • disclaimer: this game is just a demo and the full game will have darker themes. adult supervision advised.
  • you are an investigator. exploring the last place known for a girl who has gone missing.
  • meeting the girl
  • you find a light switch and turn on the light.
  • you see a big room.
  • where will you go now?
  • the spirit forgot to lock the door.
  • this the end of the demo
  • what is your name?
  • really, that is what you came up with?
  • cool. my name is yuri.
  • do you like anime?
  • aww, why are you playing this game?
  • am i bothering you?
  • no, of course not!
  • uh... a little...
  • wha--! sorry...! you don't have to be so blunt, though...
  • my friends and i went to the mall yesterday...
  • we were in there for hours. if you're female and you're playing this, you must know how it feels to be in the mall for hours on end.
  • we didn't even buy anything! we spent too much time there, honestly.
  • ah, such boring lives we lead... heh~
  • do you go to the mall often?
  • how often to you play tynker?
  • i dont care anymore.
  • i just want to see you suffer.
  • and i am taking over.


  • background scene - Pitch Black Room
    background scene - Pitch Black Room
  • background scene - spooky stage
    background scene - spooky stage
  • background scene - Ending 1
    background scene - Ending 1
  • background scene - Ending 2
    background scene - Ending 2
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing
  • drawing - drawing1
    drawing - drawing1
  • drawing - drawing2
    drawing - drawing2
  • drawing - drawing3
    drawing - drawing3
  • drawing - drawing4
    drawing - drawing4
  • drawing - drawing5
    drawing - drawing5
  • drawing - drawing6
    drawing - drawing6
  • drawing - drawing7
    drawing - drawing7
  • drawing - drawing8
    drawing - drawing8