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Inquiry from Mr. Box

by Unhealthy Charge



Inquiry from Mr. Box, a project made by Unhealthy Charge using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • Inquiry from Mr. Box
  • hello! this is mr. box! (my real name is jason, as you could see)
  • i'm the creator of "hard holloween boss battle" and "hard button boss battle"!
  • but i"m running out of ideas(even though i only made 2 boss battles.)
  • how about i create a skyring boss battle?
  • skyring is a giant machine, and has a story plot connected to "hard button boss battle".
  • if you want to see "hard skyring boss battle", leave a like, and i will try my best to make it!
  • p.s. the " hard holloween boss battle" and the "hard button boss battle" are both on featured. check them out!
  • thank you all for the likes on those to boss battles!

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