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History of DAB 1 1

by Relieved Evening

originally from "dabing history" by Evasive Waterbottle



History of DAB 1 1, a project made by Relieved Evening using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Stick Figure, Joke, Storytelling

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  • History of DAB 1 1
  • how the dab got invented
  • created by katelyn do not copy!!!!! and i am amazing!
  • we all know about the dab but how did it get invented?
  • time to find out!
  • it started when the caveman and cavewoman found the mysterious bone...
  • they thought they should follow the bone...
  • first they tried with legs and that became a criss cross!
  • but pretty soon they found out it was for arms...
  • old history stuff
  • it got passed on from generation to generation
  • someone started calling it "the dab"
  • the name got on and everyone was dabbing
  • even adults started, and dabbing is still known to this day...