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Help Tigers NOW

by joyfulpuppy



Help Tigers NOW, a project made by joyfulpuppy using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animals, Photo, Storytelling, Animation

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Text Snippets

  • *made this a few years ago slightly cringy but true, also a ton of misspelled words i wasn’t the best speller a few years back*
  • tigers are endangerd and within a few years could be gone forever
  • sure, this isn’t a fun game or announcment,
  • fine you may leave, but listen to this first:
  • tigers numbers are declineing every year
  • they started making a comback but so did poaching
  • the forests tigers live in are disapearing before our eyes
  • ok, leave now but tigers are out there dying right now
  • and calling for defenders to help save them
  • please answer thier call and read on if you are ready to save them
  • you can help tigers by:
  • using less products that contain palm oil,
  • symbolicly adopt a tiger, it saves real tigers in the willd
  • speak up for tigers, not evryone knows they are endangerd
  • go to and become a defender of willdlife
  • use less tree-made products
  • use less gas, tigers are suffuring from global warming too
  • copy this project so others will see it, (origanal is joyfullpuppy)
  • convince zoos to start breeding programs
  • learn more, the more you learn the more you can help


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • tyler - tyler
    tyler - tyler
  • joy mark - drawing
    joy mark - drawing