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Heart me if you can win. emily

by Neighboring Mailbox

originally from "Heart me if you can win." by AbsoluteZero



Heart me if you can win. emily, a project made by Neighboring Mailbox using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, simple messaging, detect conditions, simple events, advanced events, delays, simple motion, program control, simple loops, simple costume handling, screen bounds, direction and turning

  • #Lines:29
  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:3
  • #Scripts:5

Text Snippets

  • Heart me if you can win. emily
  • you won!? the unwinnable game!
  • tap the mermaid to get past the pirahna, and get the pearl.
  • but beware! the mermaid moves really slowly.
  • no one is able to win this game. only heart me if you win.
  • i'm looking forward to no hearts.


  • background scene - adventure underwater
    background scene - adventure underwater
  • actor - devil
    actor - devil
  • mermaid 1 - pumpkin monster
    mermaid 1 - pumpkin monster
  • actor1 - funny skull
    actor1 - funny skull