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Hay mouse again

by Absolute Badger

remixed from "OMG JILLY AGAIN!!! X3" by Slippers

originally from "OMG JILLY!!!! :DDD " by Slippers



Hay mouse again, a project made by Absolute Badger using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.



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Text Snippets

  • omg did you just ship keth and lance. did i not tell that those ships make me uncompfy?.. :( (sorry i cant spell)
  • anyway, i havnt read the books, but i love the movies, httyd
  • soo, maybe not destined, but we'll be good friends!
  • still cant believe you ship lance and keth..xd :/
  • omg mouse (can i call ya that?) i think your my tynker twin xd
  • ok geez i gotta catch my breathe..
  • my favorite characters are: wakfu: yugo. (ps sorry if this spoils anything iv watched all the episodes. but yugo and amalia are the cutest ship besides dali and eva) next
  • voltron: pidge and the princess (why cant i remember her name hhhhhhh)
  • pokemon: depends on which seson (?) i love xy and btw ash and siria (?) are soooo cute
  • wof: i'v read all the books besides the newest (nu spoils pwease) and my fav is glory's book (geez i cant remember anything)
  • any way please get back to me bai!
  • ok, so sure, you can call mua(or however ya spell it i think its me in french) mouse
  • my fav character in wakfu is ruel lol idk why but i dint really have any ships bc well ig dally and eva but tgeir already like well you know what i mean xd
  • omg voltron is my favorite im on season 8 im so sad im crying rn
  • my fav character is pidgggge definetly piiiidddgggeee
  • oh and um sorry if i spoiled this buuuuuut
  • dont read de next caption if you havent figured out thaaaat
  • and pokemon i totally agree they look so cuuuuttteee
  • my fav wings of fire book is legends of darkstalker or peril rising or what ever the name was
  • quiblyyyyyyyyyyy
  • yes we are totally tynker twins
  • add meh to yourfan groouuuppp
  • lol yea i know pidge is a girl, iv watched all da episodes!!soo i wont spoil anything
  • i love qilby!!! he's soooo funny!! i dont ship winter and him just cuz gay ships make me uncomperable (spelling oof) no offence anyone. moon and qilby are sooo cute too! i like glory’s additude and its funny that deathbringer likes her. i laugh everytime!
  • yas! lets be tfs!!!
  • your added, can i join yours? if you have one
  • i almost forgot..
  • do you like how to train your dragon?
  • kk repsond plss,bye!!
  • i ship quibly an’ moooon
  • pfft yea like how and why does deathbinge like her?
  • im just like “owo wut”
  • i will totally add yooouuuu
  • ya i like the book series of httyd
  • destined for eachother! lol


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