Harry Potter Trivia game show

by Frayed Dye



Harry Potter Trivia game show, a project made by Frayed Dye using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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input/output, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, basic math

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Text Snippets

  • Harry Potter Trivia game show
  • welcome to harry potter trivia!!
  • our contestant is
  • who are the main character(s)
  • ron and hermione
  • harry potter, ron, and hermione
  • sorry but, incorrect
  • which spell floats something or someone up?
  • wingardium leviosa
  • who is harry potters arch enemie?
  • who was harry potters potion teacher?
  • professor magonagall
  • gilderoy lockhart
  • what house is draco malfoy in?
  • how many horcruxes did harry potter have to find in deathly hallows part 1?
  • did harry potter defeat voldemort?
  • what happened to harry's parents?
  • they died in a car crash
  • voldemort killed them
  • what does the spell obliviate do?
  • can make someone forget something
  • can kill someone
  • it is just a charm
  • what did harry do to kill tom riddle?
  • stabbed the book he came from
  • used the spell evada kadavra
  • no. this was the last question and you got it wrong
  • ok that's it for today and thanks for playing harry potter trivia
  • don't forget to like👍


  • background scene - modern stage
    background scene - modern stage

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Harry Potter Trivia game show