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⚜️Harry Potter Simulator⚜️

by Mellow Candle

originally from "Spin Draw" by Unkempt Auction



⚜️Harry Potter Simulator⚜️, a project made by Mellow Candle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Art, Animation, Animals


delays, basic math, simple loops, conditional loops, simple conditionals, variables, miscellaneous, simple variables, functions, advanced math

  • #Lines:1720
  • #Actors:62
  • #Costumes:115
  • #Scripts:349

Text Snippets

  • ⚜️Harry Potter Simulator⚜️
  • wingardium leviosa
  • expecto patronum
  • would you like your wizard to be a boy or a girl?
  • wingardium leviosa!
  • accio spellbook!
  • accio crookshanks
  • redhead green hoodie
  • redhead princess green
  • expectro patronum 1
  • snow pile inactive
  • aaah! am i a dragon???
  • yay! i'm me again!
  • roar! oh no, i'm a lion!
  • yes, back to normal!
  • black cat copy 1
  • side emote laugh
  • side emote sneaky
  • side emote angry
  • expectro patronum 2
  • expectro patronum 21
  • expectro patronum 3
  • expectro patronum 31
  • expectro patronum 4
  • expectro patronum 41
  • expectro patronum 1 1
  • the dementors win!
  • liked this game? then be sure to check out "⚜️harry potter spells ii⚜️" which we hope to publish soon!
  • ⚜️to replay a spell, just go to main menu and click the spell again. ⚜️don't press everything really quickly or the game might freeze. ⚜️expecto patronum: once you shoot a spell on a dementor, it will take 1.5 seconds for the spell to recharge before you can hit that dementor again. meanwhile, you can shoot the other dementors. it takes two hits to take out a dementor. you will lose immediately once a dementor touches you. ⚜️accio: press the fruit basket twice!⚜️good luck, have fun, and be sure to try out everything!