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Harry Potter Quiz

by Boss Queen Lornia Love

remixed from "Harry Potter Quiz" by EmiPlayzMC

originally from "Code-A-Thon Week 5 - Create A Quiz Game" by Original Queen



Harry Potter Quiz, a project made by Boss Queen Lornia Love using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, advanced animation, miscellaneous, variables, simple conditionals, basic math, simple variables, text handling

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Text Snippets

  • chivalrous music
  • hermione granger
  • welcome to my harry potter quiz!
  • see if you can get all of the questions right!
  • who is the first person harry meets on the hogwarts express in the first book?
  • that's not the best thing to do.
  • in the first book, the sorcerer's stone, the first two people harry meets on the hogwarts express are fred and george weasley!
  • what happened to harry's parents that caused him to be an orphan?
  • voldemort killed them
  • they died of a car accident
  • they died of a disease
  • oops, that's incorrect.
  • voldemort killed harry's parents, but somehow harry survived the killing curse when voldemort turned on him!
  • who put harry's name in the goblet of fire in the fourth book?
  • mad-eye moody was a death eater all along, impersonating the real moody. he wanted harry to be in the goblet so voldemort could come back to life.
  • who killed harry's godfather, sirius black, in the book, the order of the phoenix?
  • bellatrix lestrange
  • bellatrix lestrange hit sirius black full on, and made him fall into a veil that somehow killed him. this deeply affected nymphadora tonks later in the series
  • which of sirius's old schoolmates was ron's rat, scabbers, in the third book, the prisoner of azkaban
  • that's exactly right!
  • sorry, you didn't get it.
  • the rat scabbers was an animagus, a wizard/witch who can change into an animal at will, named peter pettigrew.
  • what do the death eaters think is harry potter's signature spell?
  • expecto patronum (patronus)
  • expelliarmus (disarm)
  • that's right! good job!
  • sorry, that's incorrect
  • the death eaters think expelliarmus is harry's signature spell, since he used it three years earlier to save himself from voldemort during the goblet of fire
  • who was the person that helped harry in potions class during the half-blood prince
  • professor slughorn
  • severus snape is the half-blood prince. he had written in an old school book that eventually harry found, potions became his top subject in that book
  • who killed that last horcrux that needed to be destroyed for voldemort to finally die?
  • neville longbottom
  • sorry, that's...not it.
  • neville longbottom killed the last horcrus needed for voldemort to finally die! he killed the snake, nagini, who was the last horcrux
  • what color were harry's mum's eyes in the movies, when showed?
  • that is incorrect.
  • despite what the memes and what almost everyone who met lily potter says, harry does not have his mum's eyes. her eyes are actually amber colored instead of green. he got the green from his father, james.
  • what was the name that harry gave to the secret club that was learning defense against the dark arts in the order of the phoenix?
  • dumbledore's army
  • the dark arts group
  • umbridge sucks club
  • aren't you a smart cookie!
  • sorry, wrong answer.
  • dumbledore's army was a group harry potter made to teach the students of the fifth year defense against the dark arts, though i would have preferred the umbridge sucks club
  • questions right!
  • i'll see you next time, fellow potterheads!