project screenshot

Hacked Beyblade Clicker

by Wierdsil

remixed from "Beyblade Clicker" by Cruel Sunlight

originally from "Dab Clicker" by Pumped Llama



Hacked Beyblade Clicker, a project made by Wierdsil using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple variables, variables, simple events, delays, visibility, advanced costume handling, expert math, simple loops, text handling, conditional loops, input/output, simple conditionals, layers, basic math, advanced motion, miscellaneous, direction and turning

  • #Lines:663
  • #Actors:43
  • #Costumes:54
  • #Scripts:94

Text Snippets

  • welcome to v-buck clicker!
  • welcome to beyblade clicker!
  • if you love the game leave a like!
  • if i get 250 likes, i will make another one
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