guild for beginners 1

by Legal Snack

originally from "guide for beginners" by Calm Sir



guild for beginners 1, a project made by Legal Snack using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




pocket edition, delays, simple events, simple conditionals, system date, simple loops, functions

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Text Snippets

  • you sure about this?
  • got food cook it and eat it if your hungery
  • great just craft planks
  • nice dispenser let me guess... its a trap or u doing something cool
  • yay is there string? string is used for the making of a bow
  • hello i will be your guild if your new well. then u wouldn’t download this mod
  • also there is one easter egg *cough* used a meme in the mod try to find it in game also plz don’t cheat
  • *setting gamemode to survival/gamemode 0/s
  • great try your best with your aimming
  • good job i am so happy *cries*
  • you can do this try again *respawning player*
  • great. lets go fishin refrence
  • bouncy bouncy ooohh such a good time bouncy bouncy
  • new block unlock *coblestone* crafting items added
  • enjoy this is a crafting table
  • have butter fingers or you wanted to drop it