Guess That Cat

by Honored Bison



Guess That Cat, a project made by Honored Bison using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animals, Quiz, Social, My News, Animation, Educational, Cool / Wow


simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • “guess that cat” homescreen
  • hello! welcome to name that cat!
  • in the game, you try to guess the color type or breed of cat from the drawing to get a perfect score! (i don’t know how to do the score, so if you guys have any ideas, please help.)
  • have fun!❤️ -catlin
  • what type of cat am i?
  • british shorthair
  • hope you had fun!❤️ press the red button in the bottom-right corner to start again. -catlin🐈


  • background scene - “Guess That Cat” Homescreen
    background scene - “Guess That Cat” Homescreen
  • background scene - Guess it!
    background scene - Guess it!
  • “Play Game” Button - Button
    “Play Game” Button - Button
  • Kitty - Orange Tabby
    Kitty - Orange Tabby
  • Kitty1 - Tortishell
    Kitty1 - Tortishell
  • Kitty2 - Maine Coon
    Kitty2 - Maine Coon
  • Kitty3 - Siamese
    Kitty3 - Siamese
  • Kitty4 - Ragdoll
    Kitty4 - Ragdoll
  • Kitty5 - Sphynx
    Kitty5 - Sphynx
  • Kitty6 - Calico
    Kitty6 - Calico
  • “Guess That Cat!” Title - Title
    “Guess That Cat!” Title - Title