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grey school

by Graceful Blame



grey school, a project made by Graceful Blame using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple messaging, visibility, advanced costume handling, simple events, delays, input/output, advanced motion, detect conditions, advanced events, simple motion, simple conditionals, simple costume handling, simple loops, miscellaneous, basic math

  • #Lines:444
  • #Actors:30
  • #Costumes:55
  • #Scripts:153

Text Snippets

  • hello, welcome to grey middle school!
  • tap the buttons to move grayson.
  • go to the front of the school to start your day.
  • vending machine 2
  • tap the vending machine to get a snack.
  • vending machine
  • keep going right to find the vending machine.
  • drawing copy copy
  • thank you so much for playing! but maybe you missed a few easter eggs try playing again and finding some more secrets. please like and i will make more games like this, thank you for playing!
  • tap the different things in the office to potentialy discover a secret.
  • i should probably get to class.
  • drawing copy copy1
  • drawing copy copy1 copy1
  • drawing copy copy1 copy1 copy
  • drawing copy copy1 copy
  • drawing copy copy1 copy2
  • i need get out of this place.
  • snatch the hall pass.
  • walk out casually.
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • blah blah blue blu blah
  • hey!you can’t leave without a hall pass!
  • hey!you aren’t permitted to be in this place get over here!
  • mmmmmh that was good.
  • hmmm, now what? oh i know let’s check out the principal’s office!
  • i think it’s to the.... right?
  • woah, this place is cool!
  • i wonder if the rumor is true, if he has any secrets.
  • aw there’s nothing. wait, maybe if i touch it?
  • man i’m hungy, i think i’ll go get a snack at the vending machine.
  • drawing copy copy1 copy2 copy copy
  • drawing copy copy1 copy2 copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy1 copy copy

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