by Spicy Copy



Gold-puzzle, a project made by Spicy Copy using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Puzzle


simple variables, basic math, variables, lists, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, string handling, text handling, functions, advanced math, simple events, advanced string handling, advanced messaging, input/output, conditional loops, advanced motion, music and instruments, screen bounds, simple drawing, fill color, advanced costume handling, simple sound playing, delays, pen color, resize actor, simple messaging, simple loops

  • #Lines:805
  • #Actors:13
  • #Costumes:15
  • #Scripts:38

Text Snippets

  • b1h1l1l2l3l4s1s2s3s4v1v2
  • comments: cells numbered from 0, associated with blocks
  • in the order : bhllllssssvv (big, high, long, small, void)
  • comment: sending blockplace, redundant with blockname plus blockorder
  • comment: s1 is number 7 in blockorder
  • purple button off
  • purple button on
  • for demo, please restart game
  • es2 ns4 el4 sh1 sl2 wws1 ns2 el2 es1 nnh1 ws3 ss3 wws4 sl2
  • ss1 es1 eh1 nns4 nns3 wl2 wl4 sss1 sss2 eh1 es4 ns3 nl2 nl4 eel3
  • sb1 sl1 wws3 wws4 nl2 eel1 nb1 wwl3 sl4 wws2 ns1 ws1 ssh1 el2
  • el1 nns2 eb1 sss3 ws4 ss4 wws2 wwl2 nl1 ns1 es1 eb1 es4 ns3
  • nl3 wwl4 sb1 ees4 ees3 ss2 wl2 wl1 ws3 ns1 es4 nb1 eel4 sl3 ss2
  • ss3 sl2 wwl1 nb1 ees3 ees2 nl3 wwl4 ss2 ws3 wh1 sss4 sss1 eb1
  • nns3 nns2 wh1 ws1 ss1 sb1
  • goal: bring the big block from middle of left side to middle of right side. to move a block touch it (on leading edge if needed). the puzzle can be solved in 92 moves.


  • frame - image
    frame - image
  • s1 - image
    s1 - image
  • s2 - image
    s2 - image
  • s3 - image
    s3 - image
  • s4 - image
    s4 - image
  • b1 - image
    b1 - image
  • h1 - image
    h1 - image
  • l1 - image
    l1 - image
  • l2 - image
    l2 - image
  • l3 - image
    l3 - image
  • l4 - image
    l4 - image
  • demo - purple button off
    demo - purple button off
  • demo - purple button on
    demo - purple button on
  • info - purple button off
    info - purple button off
  • info - purple button on
    info - purple button on