goblin hunting

by RCT1504



we gotta help him catch raven the goblin!


delays, input/output, visibility, advanced messaging, simple messaging, advanced animation, direction and turning, simple events, simple sound playing, simple loops, advanced costume handling, simple motion, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, graphic effects

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Text Snippets

  • typeform-blog-blackfriday-cover-askawesomely
  • what is your name?
  • oh no! there goes raven the giant goblin!
  • do you wanna help me find him?
  • lets go find him!
  • you really wanna quit? if you quit the game will end. bye.
  • stop right there!
  • we will catch you!
  • quick press space to stop him!
  • that won't stop him for long! quick, get everyone out of this city
  • quick everyone! lets get outta here!
  • they aren't listening! press 1 to make them all safe.
  • oh no! he's back! we've gotta stop him!
  • this will end now!
  • you'll never catch me!
  • how will you catch me?
  • i will kill you!!!!!!
  • aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


  • background scene - Metropolis
    background scene - Metropolis
  • background scene - City Street
    background scene - City Street
  • background scene - kitchen1
    background scene - kitchen1
  • background scene - Typeform-Blog-BlackFriday-Cover-AskAwesomely
    background scene - Typeform-Blog-BlackFriday-Cover-AskAwesomely

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