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by Muscular Afternoon



GHOST ADVENTURE!, a project made by Muscular Afternoon using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Adventure, Strategy, Art, Animation, Storytelling, Virtual Friend, Role Playing


delays, simple loops, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, conditional loops, advanced math

  • #Lines:622
  • #Actors:19
  • #Costumes:29
  • #Scripts:157

Text Snippets

  • spooky graveyard
  • in the under world under
  • next underworld room
  • oh no, i still had my entire 2 seconds of life left!
  • i need to become human again!
  • where? oh! maybe in that house over there!
  • um, well i, um, i forgot....
  • do you know how i can become human again?
  • because i still had 2 great seconds of life left!
  • just tell me how i can become human again!
  • i’ll do it. no matter the cost.
  • wha— where am i?
  • i don’t know what you’re saying!
  • i’m in the underworld?
  • thank you kind gentleman.
  • because i still had—
  • hello there traveler! welcome to my humble abode!what is it that you seek?
  • a way to become human again!
  • i don’t know... *walk away*
  • why would you want to do that?
  • because i had 2 seconds of life left!
  • oh no, no no no no, you can’t do that, do you know what hË will do to you?
  • just tell me how to become human again!
  • hË hÄŠ ŃŌthÌÑg Õf ŸÒÛr ÇÖŃČĖrÑ.
  • the path is hard and dangerous. it is a labyrinth of all sorts of creatures. they will either accept you as a fellow monster, or they will think you are a good person, which they hate.
  • ok. i’ll open the gate to the underworld.
  • nein! du bist in der unterwelt!
  • ja, du bist in der unterwelt.
  • du bist in der unterwelt.
  • hëłłó thėrē.
  • Î śêę ÿõū wåńt tò bēçømė húmäñ āgåįń.
  • whÿ īš thât?
  • ŸÕÙ hĀvË wÅŠtÊd mŸ tĮmĘ.
  • ŃØw ŸÖÜ ŚhÃŁŁ pĖrĮŚh.