Get the Money Back! 1.2

by Hungry Support

originally from "Get the Money Back!" by Mr. Awesome



Get the Money Back! 1.2, a project made by Hungry Support using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple messaging, visibility, detect conditions, advanced events, simple events, simple loops, direction and turning, delays, input/output, simple motion, simple sound playing, text handling, resize actor, simple costume handling, advanced motion, program control

  • #Lines:103
  • #Actors:6
  • #Costumes:10
  • #Scripts:25

Text Snippets

  • Get the Money Back! 1.2
  • you got the money back!
  • the yellow car has stolen money from the bank!
  • get it back by driving your red car into the the money bag and driving back to where you began.
  • beware! the yellow car will try to crash into you to protect its money!


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • red car - red car
    red car - red car
  • yellow car - yellow car
    yellow car - yellow car
  • explosion - explosion1
    explosion - explosion1
  • explosion - explosion2
    explosion - explosion2
  • explosion - explosion3
    explosion - explosion3
  • explosion - explosion4
    explosion - explosion4
  • explosion - explosion5
    explosion - explosion5
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing
  • drawing1 - drawing
    drawing1 - drawing
  • yellow car1 - yellow car
    yellow car1 - yellow car