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Gauntlet Runner

by yoloplayz _ yt

originally from "Gauntlet Runner" by c101-new



Gauntlet Runner, a project made by yoloplayz _ yt using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple events, functions, platformer controls, platformer basics, simple loops, platformer automations, basic math, actor properties, simple messaging, miscellaneous, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, advanced messaging, simple motion, graphic effects, direction and turning, simple costume handling, delays, variables, text handling, simple variables, visibility, expert physics, simple sound playing, advanced physics, detect conditions, advanced events, input/output

  • #Lines:182
  • #Actors:13
  • #Costumes:22
  • #Scripts:45

Text Snippets

  • defeat the monster and get to the top
  • game sound punch 2
  • cartoon scream long
  • tynker.bullet.human
  • body falling thud
  • tynker.bullet.troll
  • tynker.bullet.dragon
  • tynker.platformer::set properties
  • tynker.platformer::walk right distance
  • tynker.platformer::walk left distance
  • patroller villain