GalaxyStar Fursona contest! (entry)

by Choco.Mc.Muffin (TTF)

originally from "Fursona Contest! (Big Dealio)" by galaxy_star(moved)



GalaxyStar Fursona contest! (entry), a project made by Choco.Mc.Muffin (TTF) using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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Text Snippets

  • whelp! heres my entry. i didnt assign their gender or name so thats up to you, nova is their original name though. they are a dragon furry but you can make them a cat or dog to make them easier to draw? i drew them in my art style as well so you can alter whatever part of the design you want.
  • if i win i’ll want cake and cookie! hope you like my entry!
  • hello everyone! galaxy_star here with my first art contest!
  • bottom message box
  • what you have to do is draw me a fursona! i am looking for a new fursona (i’m keeping melon) and i want your help making me a new one!
  • now, the prizes: 1st will recieve two of cake’s family members of their choice, 2 reference sheets, and a badge (pmp’s idea). 2nd will recieve one of cake’s family members of their choice, if not already selected by 1st, and 1 reference sheet for them. 3rd will recieve the remaining member of cake’s family, if not selected by 1st or 2nd.
  • i will be holding similar contests on the other platforms i use; hopscotch forum (@toxiccato) and framecast (@melon doggo) (@pumpkin pupper)
  • you are more than welcome to enter all of the contests if you’d like. i will be using all the 1st place winner’s fursona design and make them, well, fursonas!
  • now, the ocs shown in the pictures from left to right are: cake, jesse, minty and cookie.
  • i can’t wait to see all of your entries! this is a big thing for me, so i just hope there will be a bunch of contestants for this.
  • contest deadline: november 3rd, 2018. that’s my birthday :> so i’ll announce the winners shortly after that date.
  • yes i know they look bad
  • size-wise and all
  • i’m so exited!!! i just can’t wait to see what ideas ya’ll are going to come up with!
  • go wild! use colors you don’t normally use! use neons! let your imagination run wild!
  • it’s sad how i’m giving away cake’s family (excluding rocky), but i don’t really use them anymore.
  • plus i want people to get accustomed to drawing melon more often.
  • but i still love the fanart! i just don’t like using cake
  • hope everyone understands why i’m giving them away
  • good luck everyone!
  • this drawing wasn’t done with much effort, so if things look wonky blame it on my laziness
  • 1. no tracing or copying
  • bottom plain message box
  • 2. delete everything in this project, add your entry, say somewhere which 2 ocs you want, renanme this “gs fursona” and publish it
  • 3. good luck everybody!
  • 4. there will be a honorable mentions section in the project that announces the winners. everyone who didn’t make the top 3 will be featured in there.


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