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Galaxy Wars part 1 1

by Synonymous Electrician

originally from "Galaxy Wars part 1" by Ajar Porpoise



Galaxy Wars part 1 1, a project made by Synonymous Electrician using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


music and instruments, visibility, simple messaging, delays, simple events, simple loops, advanced motion, advanced costume handling, simple costume handling, input/output, screen bounds, direction and turning, functions, advanced animation, simple motion, resize actor, detect conditions, simple sound playing, simple conditionals, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:296
  • #Actors:9
  • #Costumes:28
  • #Scripts:32

Text Snippets

  • Galaxy Wars part 1 1
  • in the future in a galaxy far far far,far away...........
  • thanks for playing part 1! part 2 is coming soon!!!!!!!
  • i must save my home!
  • end of part 1 almost
  • i can go to my planet now!
  • good guy ship B1
  • good guy ship B2
  • good guy ship B3
  • press me to shoot!