Forked bandaged, october updates

by Self-assured Quagmire



Forked bandaged, october updates, a project made by Self-assured Quagmire using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Stick Figure, Social, My News, Cool / Wow, Animation, Storytelling, Virtual Friend


input/output, visibility, simple messaging, simple events, delays, simple loops, resize actor

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  • Forked bandaged, october updates
  • come out forked bandaged
  • this message is to the owners of tynker. if you are a viewer or someone who uses tynker, then you don’t have to read the following message. continue on with the news!!! dear owners of tynker, when i plublish mr wilson, pls release it to the community on hollowheen day.
  • hello tynker, this is forked bandaged. im here to tell you about my upcoming game, mr.wilson. touch the screen to here what else iv’e got to say
  • mr.wilson is a game i’ve been working on since the start of october. im hoping to release it on the exact day of hollowheen, but so you can get a good image of what iv’e been working on, i’ll tell you some secret boss battles i added
  • i added 2 bosses that you can fight in the game by running into a certain item that seems like a piece of decoration. but it’s actually a decoy, technically a portal to the under world.
  • this disguised portal can take you to the boss so that you can fight’em
  • wait a minuet.... im giving you too much information about the boss battle. im going to switch the topic
  • ok, so wheen you first start the game and you get to the game screen, you’ll see that i’ve added a new logo for my gaming production. my logo is just simply a fork and a bandage(xd)
  • well that’s all the information i can give you about my game. and i want to also tell you guys that my youtuber simulator beta phase will end somewhere next year in the month of february, stay tuned, and thanks for all the support. goodbye!!!


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