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by Ice Wolf

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FOR LEMONLEEF, a project made by Ice Wolf using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, My News, Shout-Out


input/output, simple events, functions

  • #Lines:13
  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:6
  • #Scripts:3

Text Snippets

  • if u r lemonleef, go to code.
  • oof wrong code for lone wolves. the code is: <fallenshadows>
  • i'm sorry lemonleef!
  • i didn't mean to put out ur code!
  • i know u cant forgive me for that...
  • but just know that im deeply sorry. :(
  • i hope u understand that.
  • Adventure Theme1
  • hoi! i’m strawberry and welcome to...
  • that’s right, lilac. we’re going to talk about some secret codes for those lone wolves, more contests, and some shoutouts!
  • it’s no big deal! why don’t you talk about lone wolf stuff?
  • that was intense... heh. so, there’s a new contest called “draw your dragon.” you literally draw an kind of dragon (no copying) and title it ice wolf’s art contest. entries with the wrong name will be disqualified. deadline is january 20th. prizes aren’t decided yet.
  • and that’s all for today! keep an eye out for another talk show! bye!
  • ...the tynker talk show!
  • heyyy! i was gonna say that!
  • so a new lone wolf code is... \lonewolfiesrule/. remember that. it’ll show up often in other news posts as well. keep a lookout, lone wolves!
  • there are 3 shoutouts! raven/lemonleef, you are great and have inspired me so much. thanks for the support! maria, you are one of my tf’s and i’m proud to say that. btw, your artwork is great! j.d., i’ve admired you for a long time and i’m proud to be on tynker with you. stay amazing as usual! that’s all for the shoutouts!
  • hey, ice wolf! thank you so much for giving me a shoutout! you're one of my favorite tynkerers as well!
  • but....why does it say the password for my club??
  • you know i started why would you toss the password for it out in public?