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For cometcat! New competition

by Secondary Slide

remixed from "For cometcat! New competition" by Dapple

originally from "nyan cat" by Cat Cat



For cometcat! New competition, a project made by Secondary Slide using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple messaging, visibility, delays, input/output, simple events, simple loops, basic math, simple motion, advanced motion, miscellaneous, simple variables, advanced costume handling, simple costume handling, simple conditionals, resize actor, program control, layers, simple sound playing, text handling, variables

  • #Lines:410
  • #Actors:22
  • #Costumes:32
  • #Scripts:80

Text Snippets

  • For cometcat! New competition
  • holiday - electric piano
  • Holiday - electric piano
  • Holiday - melody
  • i will tell you a secret. a secret that has been kept to arsto foxes for moons.
  • bottom message box
  • the “shooting stars” as you mortals call it, they are not really shooting stars. they are just arsto foxes playing in the sky
  • this is one of our many arsto secrets. i will share more with you soon. so long mortal.
  • here, have some sugar.
  • may i tell you about our problem?
  • we neptunes have been having some issues with the mercury clan. they think that their planet is too small, and that they need our planet too. we can’t let them have neptune, because then we won’t have a place to live either!
  • what should we do?
  • try to talk it out.
  • that didnt go too well.
  • thank you! i am eternally grateful for what you have done.
  • actually, lets play a game! i will tell you some instructions for a few seconds and you have to calculate where the ball will be!
  • ok, first start on the left. then make your way to the right once. take a step forward if you were standing behind (40-38+29-28) cup to the right. then go forwards once.
  • first, start in the middle. then go forward if you were standing on the left side of the cup.
  • then go backwards 3 times. go to my right once, then go backwards once.
  • first, start on the far right. then, go to the left 61- 35 (6 x 4) then go backwards once.
  • would you like some sugar?
  • first, if you clicked me before the dialoge ended, then restart the animation.
  • second, this is for cometcat’s competition!
  • third, thank you for playing! :3
  • made by: tynkerpad
  • hello mortal. welcome to the galaxy. the galaxy is a place where the mystical and beautiful arsto foxes live.
  • i am a neptune fox. there are different types of arsto foxes. i can levitate things with my mind. see?
  • mortal, come sit down with me for a cup of celestial tea.
  • Walk Closed One Paw copy
  • Walk open Two Paws copy
  • hello! i am tynkerpad!i made this lovely animation you are... err.. were... are... um... still! yes still watching!
  • and.. wait for it.. wait for it...
  • press that heart button to show the love!
  • see ya in my next animation!
  • *whispers* hey, guys, tynkerbell made a competition and i’m a judge (alongside her of course). check it out!
  • i strongly suggest you “boop” that pause button over there.
  • hey! im tynkerbell! i made an entry to the competition too! please check it out cometcat!