For anyone with an extra big brain

by Foolhardy Catch



For anyone with an extra big brain, a project made by Foolhardy Catch using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Animation, Storytelling


simple variables, variables, basic math, advanced string handling, simple conditionals, functions, miscellaneous, conditional loops, string handling, advanced math, simple loops

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  • construction for subtraction
  • translated number1
  • translated number2
  • code for addition
  • have you played this project before?
  • this code is for learning to add and subtract numbers with different bases.
  • we use a base ten number system.
  • an example of a number system with a different base is the binary code, a base 2 number system. (eg. 1011 = 12)
  • here i will give you an example of a base 3 number system. read carefuly.
  • as i said, this is a base 3 number system.
  • it is called a base 3 number system because, as you may have noticed, when it gets to it’s own base, (in this case, 3,) it dispays as a 1 with a number of zeros trailing after it.
  • this is called, of course carrying on. and that’s what a base is: wich number that, when you get to it, you cary on.
  • anyway, on with the questions.
  • ? this is in the base
  • number system. answer in our own base.
  • math for even and odd
  • even or odd? base=
  • translation for translation
  • number system look like in our base 10 number system?
  • wow! you got it right!
  • sorry, but the answer is
  • . don’t worry. even the coding itself would be hard to get your head around.


  • background scene - Blank
    background scene - Blank

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