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FNAF Episode 3

by Blushing Cactus



FNAF Episode 3, a project made by Blushing Cactus using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Scary, Adventure, Remake, Art, Stick Figure, Storytelling, Role Playing


input/output, simple events, delays, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, basic math, visibility

  • #Lines:339
  • #Actors:6
  • #Costumes:9
  • #Scripts:60

Text Snippets

  • ouch!that hurt!!! :(
  • you realize there is a hallway behind you,right?
  • go to the hallway behind him.alone.
  • how about this,i go to the hallway behind you...
  • and you can go in one of the other ones.
  • let’s go the top route!
  • i think it’ll be a good idea!
  • so,before we start this episode.
  • we need to know where you!left off.
  • so,did you bust in or be sneaky?
  • so,you decided to bust in?
  • now! you can continue your story!
  • you were sneaky?
  • did you go in the office or the closet?
  • you went in the office?
  • ok! get ready to get back to your story!
  • you chose closet?
  • lets get you back on track!
  • wait! purple guy!?! :o
  • i thought you hated us!
  • hmmmmmmmmm..........
  • i’ll keep the promise!
  • sorry,but i cant keep the promise.
  • we just met sorry.ok?
  • wait,why does everything look so normal?
  • gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  • ok,i dont see the person anywhere!
  • so,were safe! :d
  • yup! but the thing is we have to hide a lot!
  • ya!you’re right!
  • office?or outside?
  • i think we should go to the office!
  • because,maybe the person is still there!
  • we should go outside!
  • and see how everything is!
  • oh come on!they’re gone! d:
  • ya lets do that!
  • ok.but wheres the enterance i cant see a thing!
  • he must be gone!somewhere...
  • a yellow guy!?!i thought their was only a purple guy!!
  • nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  • man,i kinda feel bad for having us go seperate ways...
  • but it happend so...i guess i have to keep going!
  • is this path color coded!?!its amazing!
  • my name is...bonnie.
  • i come from a a pizza place and...
  • did you....
  • well,no we were down in this hole....
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • argh!there’s a big rock in our way! :(
  • what should we do?
  • try to go over it.
  • lets turn around,well never make it over that!
  • maybe the side route will be better...
  • maybe we could go over it....?
  •,someday i hope we get out of this mess!
  • wait is this place a maze!?!?!?!!??
  • to be continued......
  • center message box
  • yay!we made it over! :d
  • wow!look at this illusion!
  • we are not stuck!were just in an illusion! :)
  • is he the true illusion...?
  • to be continued.....
  • i think it makes prefect sense! :)
  • an illusion inside an illusion...?
  • why are there so many illusions!?
  • wow!i have never been to the 2nd location! :o
  • its awesome!!!!!! :d
  • maybe turning on the flashlight will show us who’s coming...
  • oh no!i can’t turn on the flashlight!ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  • i hear withered bonnie?
  • to be continued....
  • ya,so we are going to ask you the choices again so we can let you continue your story!
  • ok! whats the promise?
  • not trying to be rude.but,can we just get going?
  • which is good! :d
  • so going to the closet was the best idea!
  • i think he went into the office!
  • ya.that is true!
  • wait let’s think,should we go to the office?
  • maybe we should go check on foxy!
  • well,were to busy doing things sooo.......
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  • hey look!there are 2 hallways!! :d
  • maybe,we could go threw one?
  • oh,i didnt see it! xd
  • oh...looks like we cant go back,where we came from.
  • ya,but i think i got poked by that spike :(
  • ya!i repeated that 2 times!
  • woah!who’s that!?
  • what!the fnaf 2 office!?
  • wait i here something coming....
  • what could it be....?
  • yes i am purple guy...
  • not here for trouble....
  • im acctully here to help you!
  • well i did but i dont anymore!
  • here follow me i know a way to sneak past golden freddy!
  • but you need to make a promise...
  • dont tell him about me ok? just one little promise
  • well,heres the guys were the last ones alive.
  • so they were waiting for you guys to get out,so they could reck everything!
  • but!it looks like golden freddy isnt here!
  • we dont want to be seen!
  • it’s over here!follow me!
  • im....the green head!
  • one of the most high tech freddy fazbears!
  • are so many!! how did you not know!?
  • yes,it is...but i made it.
  • but,before i go off telling you what this is whats your name?
  • that is horribly ruined?
  • i was just there!
  • did you not see me?
  • we?there is someone else with you?

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